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Story of Beedi
  About the Beedi
  A simple definition would be - it is a mixture of blended tobacco, wrapped in beedi leaves, cut to size, tied up with a thread, roasted in an oven to remove moisture and to give that inimitable flavour that brings indefinable joy to the smokers. The manufacturing of beedies initially consists of the garnering of raw materials- tobacco to be procured from certain areas of Nipani in Karnataka and Gujarat, and Beedi leaves from far flung places like Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa.
The tobacco is then blended in desirable proportions and the beedi leaves are selected and cut to uniform size. The secret of a good beedi lies in the blending of tobacco and it is as such treated as a trade secret.

After this, by sheer dint of experience, the skilled worker with his deft fingers just rolls the beedi at one stroke, flat at the smoking end and round at the lighting end. It is tied at the flat end with a cotton thread of a particular colour chosen to identify the manufacturer.

With Bharath Beedies yellow cotton thread is used not only to identify but also distinguish Bharath Beedies from other beedies. A quality control check is put through at this stage. The beedies are then roasted in charcoal fire in a specially designed Roasting Chamber to obtain that inimitable flavor. 25 Beedies, tied with a thread are wrapped inside a label, to make a pack. 20 packs, in a separate colour wrapper denoting the brand name make a bundle. 10 bundles tied with a jute thread, make a unit of 5000 beedies. 10 such units, amounting to 50,000 beedies and put in a Jute bag, sealed and stenciled are now ready for dispatch on its onward journey to the market.

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